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new grower needes seed

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new grower needes seed

Post by Mr. Kem on Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:49 pm

I'am in St.Petersbrug Fl. looking to collcet all edible passiflora. For breeding new varities with edible fruit.particlary tree forms. Mr. Kem

Mr. Kem

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Re: new grower needes seed

Post by Nick on Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:48 pm

Hello mr. Kem,

I mean no offense but I think you might need to look up passiflora better first. There are many growers here, like myself, that would be more then willing to hook you up with a few different passiflora Edulis seeds( the most common purple and yellow fruits associated with passiflora), or seed of other edible species like p. Maliformis, p. Laurifolia, p. Ligularis, p. Quadrangularis, p. Alata, and so on, but these are all considered vines. Many of which get very large. There are a few tree passiflora don't get me wrong, but first off these are all very rare in cultivation, and second, almost none if any at all would survive your temps outside. Of all my passiflora I only have 3 types(6plants) of tree passiflora and none would do to well outside of a cooled green house or temps like san fran, ca. This would hinder any ideas of growing a passiflora tree orchard where you live, or most places.Not to mention the tree passiflora don't really have tasty fruit and the ones that might don't fruit enough to be worth growing for fruit. Your best bet is a passiflora Edulis for mass fruits. And working with trellis's can be fun. Let me stop here, I hope some of this helps you and does not scare you off from growing the vines. If you have any other questions please ask. Passiflora vines are amazing plants to grow with very rewarding flowers and fruit.

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