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Stunted new growth and yellowing tips

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Stunted new growth and yellowing tips Empty Stunted new growth and yellowing tips

Post by rydinfly on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:00 pm

I have noticed that when the leaves die, a lot of new growth takes its place. but out of 6 new shouts, only 1 will actually continue to grow a foot, while the other 5 never grow. Also, the shout that does grow, eventually stops growing. It either stays that size our begins yellowing at the tip. This is happening to more than one kind of passi. Help!


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Stunted new growth and yellowing tips Empty Re: Stunted new growth and yellowing tips

Post by Nick on Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:35 pm


I got your message, I'll be responding in public like normal for others to see. I can help but will really need to know a little more. And photos help but are not needed. For now though, I might be able to help threw a process of elimination. The few reasons I could imagine might cause this are such:
1. Your plants are going dormant? Losing leaves and stunting branch growth due to the plant dying back from any cold weather.
2. Assuming you might haveways to heat your plants still ether by natural warm temp year round or greenhouse, ether lack of light, lack of or excess of fertilizer, or small bugs. This all can be decided by you. If it's small bugs(aphids are near the tips if the plants ant might halt the growth, same with spider mites but you should see small webs. This is all I can type now, please tell me if any of this fits your bill, it not then atleast we eliminated three options. Further questions are more then welcome, just post them here. I hope this helps alittle. Tell me what you think. I was not going off much info so my help is not as exact.

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