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To: Nick breeding Program

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To: Nick breeding Program

Post by Mr. Kem on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:22 pm

From: Mr. Kem Hi no offense, Thanks you for willing to send a few seedes.Soory for the time laps.The seedes from you & others is for a (Breeding Program) not juts for fun growing.It is important to know that breeding is reseach wrok the goal being to introduce and naturaliz species from there. natural climate zone to otheres.Thats one step in geting new verities.There are more then 70 Tropical & Sub-Tropical species 7 are in Florida.Nick for me it is not about the fruits tasting good but being edible,one fruit is good fruit.No fruit no seed.Hi Nick your growing indoors in winter only right.I have Byron Beuaty,Macrophlla,Platyloba & Guadrangulais non are native but are growing will outside.Crossing plants from different outside temp. zone works to make them cool & heat resistant. My mail add. is 1657 12TH. St. So. St. Petersbrug Fl. 33705 PS: to all sending seed to me plase give species name,your zone,if its a cross mate info.

Mr. Kem

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Re: To: Nick breeding Program

Post by Nick on Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:48 pm


I understand what you are trying to do. I was just making it clear that you should really just work with the vines. I hybirdize as well, though not alway with passiflora. It's nice to see you choose to work in the temps area or hybrids this helps other people grow them in wider zones. My focus in hybrids of passiflora are hardiness as well, flower size, and fruit size. Yes I do grow many of my passiflora indoors in the winter. My greenhouse heater has not worked sense a hurricane so I stuffed them in. I keep most outside all spring to fall though. And I have a few that I have planted year round outdoors. I am moving to Sarasota, fl in spring and will grow most out side year round then.

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