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Help Which Passiflora Is This

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Help Which Passiflora Is This Empty Help Which Passiflora Is This

Post by Angelscry2 on Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:59 am

Hi I am writing this with hopes that someone can tell me which Passion Flower this is I am growing. I purchased the seeds off Amazon but they never told me which species this was. Now that I am giving the fruit away for the seeds everyone wants to know which it is. I have searched over and over again. The closest I can get is either the Passiflora foetida var India or the Passiflora foetida var unknown (coming from website

By the research I have done online I keep running into a wall thinking that my Passiflora is that of the unknown. The only thing I can not find is what the fruit may look like. As anyone can see they start out green, fading to a yellow then finally a red fruit of nothing more then a dime sized. The outer shell of this fruit is like that of an apple, making me wonder if it is editable at all. Help Which Passiflora Is This Dscf6213 So yes I need two answers here and not that of ID of Passiflora

My plants are very fragrant and is not at all like what the writer of the website I supplied stated. Anyone can smell these from the driveway or by my mailbox which is a good 50' away. The only problem that I have noticed is, if I do not cut the Passiflora bracts Help Which Passiflora Is This Dscf6214 off after the flower has finished it's life cycle I will not get fruit as bracts reclose making the end unable to get full sun to produce the fruit! I do have other Passiflora planted and growing in same area mixing in with these as ya can tell in photo's. What can I say I'm a passion nut.. Help Which Passiflora Is This Dscf6215 Please see photo's.Help Which Passiflora Is This Dscf6210
Help Which Passiflora Is This Dscf6217


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