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X Caerulea

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X Caerulea Empty X Caerulea

Post by tropique on Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:09 pm


This flower X Caerulea, differs from the caerulea
- The surface of colours differs
- Stamens are born at the root of the pédoncule, contrary to all flowers passiflora
- Size of X Caerulea is smaller than that of the caerulea

Look :

X Caerulea X_caer10
X caerulea

X Caerulea X_caer11
X Caerulea : bud

X Caerulea X_caer12
X Caerulea: leaves

X Caerulea X_caer13
X Caerulea : cut
All flowers are identical

X Caerulea Caerul10
And here caerulea to compar



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