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Hello from Fresno Ca.

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Hello from Fresno Ca. Empty Hello from Fresno Ca.

Post by Leevis on Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:35 pm

Just started trying out passion vines this spring. I started some Incarnata from seed and the plants are entering their 5th month from seedlings. One has had tons of typical looking flowers and no fruit and the other has a good amount of almost completely white larger flowers and at least ten fruits so far. I have seeds from fruit I got at the market starting to sprout and four other varieties still waiting to pop up. The mass amount of Gulf Fritillary Butterflies are pretty cool and the bees seem to be happy. Already happy with passiflora just from this first attempt and am now thinking about building a greenhouse for less winter hardy varieties. Any recommendations for zone 9 Fresno Ca. would be appreciated. Thanks for the forum!


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