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Post by georgios on Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:39 pm

Hallo everybody,

my name is georgios, I´m greek but I´m living in Germany. I am 43 years old and since 3 years I am infected with the "passiflora cultivating virus". I have made very good experiences with the local german passiflora forum and it would be a pleasure for me to enlarge the contacts over the whole planet Rolling Eyes

I have until now -limited by different space shortage problems- ca. 20 different passion flowers in my small flat in Freiburg/Germany. In spring and summer the most of them can be moved to the balcony (fortunately I have a south located balcony). During the winter months some of them must be overwintered in the stairway, where it is cold but bright enough.

Here is the actual list of my Passifloras:

P. Red Inca
P. Edulis
P. Smythiana
P. Citrina
P. Sapphire
P. Constance Elliot
P. Jelly Joker
P. Incarnata
P. Tulae
P. Petra
P. Cuspidifolia
P. Serratifolia
P. Wilgen Heintje
P. Guglielmo Betto
P. Betty Myles Young
P. Anastasia
P. Manta
P. Macrocarpa

And some P. "surprisia" where nobody knows, which one it would be one day.

Actually some of my plants are in the stairway and some are in my flat. As usual, my incarnata has lost all of her leaves, what mind be normal for her. Some of the plants have more yellow than green leaves and some of them shows no difference between summer and winter (e.g. my citrina has bloomed several times within the last week, more than in summer). For me the winter is the most critical time because last winter I have lost several plants although I have overwintered under cold and bright conditions (not more than 15°C). Fortunately I have made some backups of the most important plants but it makes me not happy to start every year with new plants and to see how they die during winter.

Looking forward having intensive communication to all topics handling with passiflora



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