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Seeds for a beginner

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Seeds for a beginner Empty Seeds for a beginner

Post by MStipee on Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:32 pm

Hi everyone, I am István Molnár, from Hungary. I felt in love recently with the gorgeous Passifloras, and collected some species, that were available in my country. Unfortunately, getting seeds is very difficult here, because very few fellow countrymans grow passifloras. I tried to order seeds from webshops, but i don't know about their origin, freshness, etc.

I would like to ask for trustworthy resources, or - if anyone willing to - someone who could send some seeds for a beginner.

I already have: sanguinolenta, belotii, Amethyst, caerulea, Constance Elliott, vitifolia, and recently ordered some Molissima and helleri seeds (they were cheap and from a trustworthy webshop I already ordered from before).

Hungary has a 6-7a hardiness zone, but fortunately my uncle has a heated house for the plants.

Sorry for my rubbish english Smile


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